A fun leopard print dress

Saw this FUN silk Diane Von Furstenberg dress somewhere online and instantly loved it. But i didn't immediately buy it. I was like - where on earth am I going to wear that? It's a little too loud to wear while covering the day-to-day news. 


But then things go on sale and that's just about the only excuse I need to swoop it up.

I will say - in pictures online, this dress looks like a mini dress. It most definitely is not. In fact, people were very upset with it in reviews because the pics are a bit misleading. I have no problem with the length though and you can always get it altered if you want it shorter.

Good old Steve Madden pumps. Tory Burch purse. Revolve earrings.

Good old Steve Madden pumps. Tory Burch purse. Revolve earrings.

So where to get. Welp - it's on sale everywhere so that's cool. 

Find the Diane Von Furstenberg bias dress here here and here

Camel Coat

So my mission this winter was to find a camel coat. There was one I really liked at Zara but it sold out. So I went on a quest to find the next best thing.

I remember last year, after Christmas, Macy's had all their coats on sale. It's where I got my puffer coat for a really great price. So this year, I went back to Macy's to see if I could find a camel coat. 


I was overwhelmed in the coat section! After trying on like ten coats, I spotted this pretty little number.

It's heavy enough to wear in really cold temperatures but not at all bulky. I always feel chic in it. I can dress it up or wear it casual to work.

This DKNY coat has one button and a tie waist. 


This beige-ish dress is from Zara. It's pretty thick and only cost like $20 or something. It was on repeat but then it got cold out side :(

Shoes are from ALDO. 


Back from the 90s

Anyone else loving all the 90s inspired trends lately? Plaid, plaid, plaid. 


I scooped this plaid dress from Revolve. I like it because it can easily transition into spring with a short-sleeve top and summer, without a top at all! Oh la la. 


The grey, black and white plaid pattern make matching a breeze. I'm wearing a light grey long sleeve top under the dress here. But I've also worn it with a white long-sleeve turtleneck. 

My earrings are from SWANK in Atlanta. Get them HERE

My shoes are Steve Madden.

Bag is Stella McCartney.


And of course, the dress is from Revolve. Get it HERE and for just $54!

Black & Chic

I'm always looking for a good sale. It's not that I mind buying things full-price but shopping is so much more fun when you can find a good steal. It's like a challenge! ha.

This off-the-shoulder blazer from Nordstrom was 40 percent off if I recall. Although off-the-shoulder is considered a 'trend,' it's one that I've been wearing for years before it came back in style. And I'm sure I'll continue to rock it after it goes 'out of style.' Why? I'm not crazy about much of my body but I do LOVE my shoulders lol. It's silly but I get compliments on my shoulder structure/bones (is that a thing)?

My mother says black is not my color but yes mom, it is.


The off-the-shoulder Blazer is by Trouve. Find HERE.

My zipper Michael Jackson pants are from ZARA. I bought them a few years back and they're still the best.


Sunnies are D&G. Shoes are Steve Madden.