If you know me, you know I don’t like wearing jeans. I feel huge and uncomfortable in them. However, denim skirts, shorts and dresses are always welcome.


I found this denim dress online and didn’t know I needed it (I didn’t). I bought it anyway and it’s one of my favorite purchases this summer.

It’s pretty casual but can be dressed up.


I bought these #Schutz shoes from a boutique in Vinings called Sandpiper. I believe they’re moving to the Buckhead area!

Where to find the dress? I found it online but I bought it on SALE. Looks like the prices have gone back up.


And, while different, here is another cute denim dress from the same brand. See HERE

Red Hot

Going to post some old outfit details on here. I haven’t blogged since JUNE so I have plenty of updates to post.

Let’s start with this red hot skirt from Nordstrom. It’s Halogen and I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

red skirt.jpg

I didn’t go crazy with that sale.. honestly I think it’s more of a gimmick! Everything on sale during the #NSale goes on sale (sometimes, at a deeper discount) just a few weeks later.

Anyway I bought this skirt to wear to work. It has a nice, thick material and is a great, eye-catching color.

I once wore it to work and had to rush to a birthday dinner for my mom…so I just threw on a crop top. (The flowers were for her).


I also wore it to the National Association of Black Journalists conference with a sleeveless top of the same color.


Love for Target

So I ran into Target the other day to get milk and bacon. Gary and I were going to make breakfast and I stopped there on the way back from Barry's BootCamp. Well...when I arrived I texted Gary only to find out he had already gone to the store and picked up what we needed while I was working out. So I was in Target with no mission - which is dangerous ha. 

I saw this sheer top that I've seen in online ads targeted specifically to me on Facebook. It's so weird how the internet knows what we like. Anyway - the marketing worked. I didn't like the top enough to ORDER it online but when I was in the store and it was in front of me - of course I'm going to get it! haha

I have been wanting a white skirt this summer but I wasn't actively looking. This skirt is awesome because there's some stretch! YES. 

The top was like $22 which is already pretty good but online it was $16! So the store price matched it for me (win). The skirt was like $24 maybe? 


I wore the outfit to my sister's dinner celebration. It was so hot and humid but the shirt was perfect because it was SHEER.


My slingback heels are from Express

Stepping into summer

These are outfits from weeks ago that I wanted to get up #ontheblog. 

This white BB Dakota dress has been on repeat. It's soooo easy and I'm all about easy outfits. Of course, can be dressed down with sandals or dressed up with wedges. It's a crisp white - perfect for summatime 


Also, I wear these white splendid flat sandals EVERY DAY. 


The earrings are from JCrew but I bought them on Nordstrom website for like $7!

My parents yard is much greener now...

My parents yard is much greener now...

Sticking with the trend of me walking around my parent's house...

I wore this outfit weeks ago - can't remember what I went to (prob out to eat, ha). I got this Nicholas top when a Neiman Marcus Last call was going out of business in Buckhead. I think it was like $20. These shorts are from Abercrombie and shoes - Sam Edelman.