Vision Boards

Remember a few years back when everyone and their mother was reading ‘the secret’ and being all weird and cult-like? Me too. Countless people had the book and just KNEW their lives would be forever changed. Hey I'm not judging. Actually yes I am. Even my brother read the book. I actually had someone I had met just once, mail me the DVD. I haven't yet watched..

All this to say - regardless of whether 'the secret' is or isn't legit, I think the notion of a vision board is. So I decided to make one. Just in my head. Won't be cutting cars out of magazines and taping them to my fridge or anything.

Over the past few years, I think my 'vision' has completely changed. Because I have changed careers temporarily, some people have asked what my long-term goal is. Right now, I can't say I have an answer to that. A few years ago, I wanted to have a long, successful broadcasting career. I'm still not opposed to the idea. What I am opposed to, however, is sacrificing everything else to get it. So here's what I do know I want, at least right now.

1. I would LOVE for this blog to grow and to reach more people. And although I am highlighting certain fashions here & on my instagram, believe me, I know stuff doesn't matter. Stuff won't ever make me happy. Well, some of it does temporarily but I know that it's not the secret to happiness. If all my clothes and shoes burned in a fire, that would really suck. But I would be okay. I want people to want to know more about God because of this blog. That's what's most important. (PS - if you ever have any questions, please email me!)

2. I want to start a non-profit. This is something I've been researching lately. It's a BIG dream that has to start with baby steps. But I would like to do good and be able to do something for others long-term.

3. I would like to buy my own place. Preferably a condo downtown. I would say this is more short term.

4. I want to go to Germany, Nigeria, Rwanda. All for different reasons - mostly the historical significance. And Paris - for the architecture and prettiness.

5. I would like to pay off my student debt. It's annoying.

So that's all I got right now. That list in itself is pretty complex. What is on your vision board?

PS - I have a great devotional today over on that tab. Go check it out. As always, I like and appreciate your thoughts. I love to be challenged on my own thoughts and see things from the perspective of others. So I won't get offended if you disagree with me. Maybe I will. But I'll get over it and think about what you say.