Susan Walls

Yay! This section has become my FAVORITE part of this blog. Sometimes I wonder if I should change up the questions, but each inspiring individual I interview always brings something to unique with each question. I continue to be amazed by them all!

So excited for you to read all about my sweet friend Susan Walls! I met Susan back in college at UAB. She was one of my first friends in Alabama. We were both a part of the UAB Golden Girls dance team and she got me a job working on the Red Bull marketing team with her. We have kept in touch ever since and I'm so happy to have her as a close friend. She is such a sweet, kind spirit and has an awesome hubs (hey Jarrod!) and two precious babies. I love her devotion to our Lord and her want to live right. She has always been an inspiration to me, especially on my walk with Christ. Read on!

Name: Susan Walls

Profession: People Team Orchestrator at Daxko (Human Resources)

Most rewarding part of your job: The most rewarding part about my career is having the opportunity to change lives and develop the people around me. I find it heartwarming to watch team members go from being frustrated because they’re having a problem to feeling inspired and respected.

Tell us about your new business involving bees!

I have had many people ask, where did this come from? What made you want to keep bees? I would say this seed was planted back when my husband and I were dating in 2010 and slowly but surely it has become something I am passionate about. So, back in the day, my husband’s nickname for me and still today is SueBee Honey. (Now if you do not know, Sue Bee Honey is America’s Honey and it is quite delicious on a Chick-Fil A chicken biscuit!) The nickname started to catch on with family and friends so one day we contacted Sue Bee Honey and told them we loved their honey and they sent us a bunch of Sue Bee swag (lots of samples, t-shirts, mouse pads, key chains, koozies, the logo was everything). We just loved that so it was another reason to love bees & honey. At Farmer’s Markets I find myself always spending money on local honey and bee products. My father in law has an obsession with honey, to where we enjoy finding local honey for him when we go on trips. The hobby and interest started and we didn’t even know it. I started seeing commercials and blogs on keeping bees and an urge inside of me kept saying, what’s stopping you? So, one day when asked if I could be anything with money not being an object, what would you do? I answered I want to be a Beekeeper. Then I thought, why not live the dream and just do it! My husband and I started researching, going to beekeeper meetings, attended classes and conferences and now have 2 colonies of bees in our backyard. It has been fascinating to learn and to experience this hands on– I can’t wait to harvest the honey and begin making organic health products. Depending on how smooth our new hobby goes, we will begin sharing the all-natural products with others. Proceeds will go towards mission-based funding. The purpose of sharing our bees is to reach out and let others know the importance of bees and the impact they make in our world and most importantly to share & spread the love of Jesus Christ.

If you could do anything at all today, with money being no object, what would you do?

Time is love. As we all know, it can be a challenge to make time for everyone in your life. So if I could do anything today, I would want to make the most out of it and be super adventurous. Since I have yet to experience this (and maybe never will), I would want to travel on a big yacht to explore different islands with my family & friends along with some good food and good music. Sounds ideal right about now as I am sitting at the office in the air condition ;)

Someone knocks on your door. Who would you want it to be and why?

How cool would it be to have the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, knock on my door to visit for a cup of tea & a slice of cake? I would love to meet her for many reasons. I would want to hear her personal story on how she has lived an average life and now part of the Royal Family and will one day be Queen. I believe she is a great role model & person of high influence. I admire her love for public service and how she shines with dignity. I also would love to chat with her about the struggles she faces and the impact she wants to make in the future. Also, to hear her story on her marriage, raising her children, her faith, her keen sense of fashion and when she plans to have another baby since we tend to have them at the same time (Ha!)

If you could get a do-over in life, what would you do differently?

 It’s funny that “in the moment” you may not understand, but later when you look back, you ask “Why was I like that?” You are your own worst critic, and boy am I. I used to get wrapped up into what the world thought of me so it brought on insecurities and fear. If I could get a do-over in life, I would tell myself to Embrace My Flaws and Stand My Ground especially during my Middle School, High school and even college years. I used to be negative about my “imperfections” and at times would remain silent when I should speak up on my beliefs and views. So many life changing opportunities may have been missed because of my insecurities and fears. God made me the way I am for His purpose and I knew that then, but I wish I actually understood that early on and had the Courage and Confidence in being ME. I look forward to my future because I know it is written with purpose by Him.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Only Trust Him, Guard your Heart and Remain Humble or Be Humiliated – I try to live by these words of wisdom that are shared from my Dad, Mom & Husband.

How do you hope your story/life inspires others?

I hope that my story inspires others to be true to yourself – just BE YOU! My husband told me that one thing he admires about me is “You’re always going to be Susan, and you don’t try and change who you are for others.” That really resonated with me. It’s important to know who you are and what the Lord has given you to glorify Him. We live in a crazy world that convinces you to try and reach fame, have a lot of material goods, and to be the envy of your generation. Our Heavenly Father wants us to have strong character, to be competent and committed. I am flattered Ashley asked me to be a feature on her blog because I see myself as a simple person. I do have many things I am thankful for. I have an amazing husband, 2 precious little girls, a wonderful family, a fabulous company I work for, great friends & a supportive church family that I adore. I hope that in my simple story I inspire others to seek wisdom and wholeness so that they can deal with the pain, the joy, and the messiness in life. Always remember that your character is more important than your worldly success. I hope that when I interact with others they see the joyfulness in my heart that makes them say, Oh! It’s because she’s got Jesus!

What is the best thing that God has revealed to you?

The best thing God has revealed to me is that He Forgives and that he forgives freely. I am far from perfect and for Him to cover my sins and to still love me in all my faults is mind- blowing. “Blessed is the one whose transgression are forgiven, whose sins are covered.” Psalm 31:1. This verse speaks truth because He continues to bless me even in all my mistakes. God continues to point me to the Cross and reveal to me that without my Savior, I am nothing.