OKAY. I know I always say "I live in this" but it really holds true with this camo dress. I wear it so often because it is so easy and so versatile. It is one of my best buys of the season. 


The dress is from SHOPBOP. I've linked it HERE


These white booties are Marc Fisher. I found them at TJ Maxx. They're so modern and cute. Similar style HERE


White purse is Tory Burch.

See how easy it is to make this simple dress more stylish? I get so many compliments on it. And honestly, I wear this dress way more with my UGGs or converse shoes.


I just wrote an entire blog post and hit delete - so THAT'S COOL!!

Good thing I'm just eating leftover Halloween candy and watching Dateline so I have time to re-do. ANNOYING!


Let's try this again, shall we?!

This look - shot by Viva Lux Photography - is one of my favorites. It's a fairly cheap, just-about everyday outfit lol. By that I mean, you can wear each piece a million times so each items is well worth the purchase.


The sweater is from H&M, which I've found has A LOT of great sweaters right now. And they're all well-priced. I love this one because it's bright and somewhat oversized. (I'm wearing it right now actually!) 

How beautiful is Midtown by the Fox Theatre? 

How beautiful is Midtown by the Fox Theatre? 

The skirt is Free People - I think like $60. It comes in just about every color. I've already worn it several times so definitely a good buy.


I've had my eyes on these Loeffler Randall shoes for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and bought them. They are no doubt, statement shoes. People stare at them. I get lots of compliments. They're so fun and can be worn in all seasons (here in Georgia, anyway)


Bag is Stella McCartney!

Sep. 30

Good morning!

It is a beautiful 7:21AM on a Saturday. I am sleepy, eyelids heavy - but I'm thankful for a new day. So, let's get to it. 

Last week, I was in the mall (shocker, send help) looking for a red tunic/sweater thing that I had dreamed up in my head but didn't know actually existed. I was walking past Express when I saw a big SALE sign - everything up to 40 percent off. I don't usually shop in Express but thought - why not. 


Well I scored. I found a really cute blue velvet bodysuit and a flirty skirt. Both were on sale. Velvet, BTW is everywhere right now. Just everywhere. And it's fine, because it's soft and warm.

Link for skirt

Link for bodysuit

These shoes are from Zara. I bought them last year. They are still some of my favs but honestly, they're not that comfortable so ow.


PS - Don't ever try to take a pic at Atlantic Station. Security says no pics allowed with cameras, only phones (seriously!)

Wild thoughts...

Headline has nothing to do with this post. That song has just been stuck in my head since 4am. 

Fun post time! I'm proud I am posting yet AGAIN. Two times in one week, whaaa?!?

A few weeks ago - I found this fun, distressed denim skirt from Zara. It was absolutely unnecessary but too cute to pass up. Plus, it was just $40. I like it because it's a longer-length denim skirt. I believe I'm getting a little too old for mini skirts so this one felt more appropriate. 

Get it here

This BCBGMAXAZRIA crop top was bought in Los Angeles for about $20 a few months back. The store on Rodeo Drive was closing and they were basically giving everything away. Good for me :)

My shoes are Golden Goose Deluxe Brand and the shoes are cutely named "Francy." I scored them 40% off at Intermix. As you can see, they are YELLOW! But they are a toned-down yellow - not very bright. I am so obsessed and can't wait for it to cool down so I can wear them more often! Intermix sold out but you can find them here - on SALE as well

Lastly, my BLANKNYC faux leather Moto jacket. I bought it from Nordstrom a few months back, also in California. I noticed it was part of the recent #NSALE (or maybe it was a jacket that looked very similar). Can't go wrong with a jacket you can get plenty of wear out of. I can't find my actual one but I found one that's even cuter and on sale here