For years I've been hearing great things about Passion City Church in Buckhead. But because I love Andy Stanley and my home church so much, I never wandered down to PCC to check things out. That all changed after I moved home.

Even if you haven't heard of PCC, you may be familiar with some of their connections. Chris Tomlin is the church's worship leader (how freakin cool), and the church is also part of an international campaign, the End It Movement, which fights human trafficking.

Church building.

Church building.

So for weeks I'd been hearing about something called Grove Swap. The premise? Women from all over Atlanta donate their gently used clothes, shoes, bags, etc...

PCC took the items and then made a pop-up store inside of the church. It started at 6...and there was a line outside like it was Black Friday.

Once inside, each girl got 5 coins. For each coin, you could pick up one item. And the best part - it was all free.

Although there was a line - it moved really quick. And there was no time limit on how long you could 'shop.'

There were women from all walks of life. From teens to seniors. Everyone was invited. Everyone was able to take home five things they didn't come with.

I got an H&M cardigan, a black blazer, an Ann Taylor black and white striped top, a Kate Spade purse (what?!) and an adorable skirt that I'll be wearing A LOT.

So...like I said

Purse: Kate Spade #GroveSwap

Skirt: #Groveswap

Tank: Nordstrom Rack

Belt: BCBG

Shoes: Target

Coat: Free People