Have some decorum

One of my favorite bloggers passed away recently. I have been following Ellie O’Connell for a while now. I can’t really remember how I was introduced to her but I’m pretty sure it was through Instagram.

her and the hubs

her and the hubs

Ellie was a fashion/lifestyle blogger… but not like the popular ones all over social media. She was ‘real' and her posts had depth. She had ALS and often blogged about her slow deterioration. It was haunting and beautiful and her posts made me appreciate little things that people take for granted every day, like being able to type and/or wipe your own hiney.

Anyway, Ellie blogged all of this while keeping her hilarious, inappropriate sense of humor. Her posts will literally make you laugh out loud. She gave me an appreciation for antiques (still can’t afford any) and quality clothing. She lived in both Provence and Paris for a while and through her pictures, made me also want to live in both Provence and Paris for a while. Although it seemed like she had some money (her bestie is Yolanda Hadid btw), she made it clear that money did not equal happiness. She was completely open and honest about severing ties with family members, fighting with her caregivers, needing money for treatment and so much more.

I encourage you to read some of her blog. (Caution: she sounds like a spoiled brat) The blog is fascinating and thought-provoking and will make you slow down and love what you have.

Here are a few of my favorite posts: