Another Thursday Passes...

Today was beautiful for many reasons, I slept until 10:40! WHA?!?! I never sleep in.

Also - the weather. It was in the 60s, sun was out...just an all-around nice day. I'm thankful.

Figure I would take a break from watching Britney Spears Vegas videos on Instagram (someone please go with me) and do an #OOTD post.

I'm learning so much about blogging. Not much of my stuff is new. It's stuff that's been in my closet! It's been fun to mix&match and piece it all together. I'm also amazed at how much my 13-year-old sister helps me. She's got a good eye and helps me get out of "news reporter" attire that I've worn for years. Nothing wrong with dressing like that, Lord knows I have countless knee-length dresses lol...but her perspective is refreshing.

Ok. So I'm wearing a good ole American Apparel bodysuit. It's one of those items they always have. I got this a few years back and you can still find it here

On top of that, I'm wearing a blanket scarf I got last year from Forever 21.

This skirt is Free People and if I don't wear it with the right stuff, it looks a bit

Shoes: Zara