Are you kidding

So everytime I come on here I'm like wahhhhh I haven't updated my site in so long. It makes me sad :( I started this as a hobby and creative outlet. And it saddens me that I'm too busy stressing about work to post. I need to be more intentional about doing things that make me happy. Okay - pity party over.

I have so many fun outfits I want to post. It would be a lot of "work" to get them all up so I'll hopefully do just a few favorites. 

Is it a little too warm for this outfit? Yes. #DidItForTheGram okay. (However, it has been unseasonably cool in Georgia lately!)

Anyway - if you follow any bloggers, I'm sure you've seen them posting annoyingly in rotation about Nordstrom's Anniverary Sale. #NSALE - Well. I did snag a few pieces. I couldn't get a lot because well, i am not rich. I have two of the pieces from the sale on here. Other itmes remain on my floor at home.

But MUST HAVES were these SPANX faux leather leggings. I'm not much of a jeans person in the fall/winter - I rely on leggings. I didn't use to love spanx because I thought they were too uncomfortable. They were so tight and to be honest, I thought wearing them meant I was giving myself an easy-out of going to the gym! haha. Crazy thinking, which has since changed over the years.

Although a small did fit, I ended up getting these in a MEDIUM. I know I'm going to wear them often so I just wanted them as comfy as possible. PS - I actually got them from Bloomingdales, which was matching the #NSALE price. 

This Topshop cardigan is now sold out but I'm sure it'll be back! I love the colors. I love cardigans. I love sweaters. It's just perfect for me. I can see myself throwing it over work dresses in the fall.

My shoes are Sam Edelman and they are YEARS old! They are old faithfuls though. I so love them. 

My top is from Loft last year. It's actually an off-the-shoulder top :)

My boyfriend took these pics and I appreciate him (sometimes)