Sep. 30

Good morning!

It is a beautiful 7:21AM on a Saturday. I am sleepy, eyelids heavy - but I'm thankful for a new day. So, let's get to it. 

Last week, I was in the mall (shocker, send help) looking for a red tunic/sweater thing that I had dreamed up in my head but didn't know actually existed. I was walking past Express when I saw a big SALE sign - everything up to 40 percent off. I don't usually shop in Express but thought - why not. 


Well I scored. I found a really cute blue velvet bodysuit and a flirty skirt. Both were on sale. Velvet, BTW is everywhere right now. Just everywhere. And it's fine, because it's soft and warm.

Link for skirt

Link for bodysuit

These shoes are from Zara. I bought them last year. They are still some of my favs but honestly, they're not that comfortable so ow.


PS - Don't ever try to take a pic at Atlantic Station. Security says no pics allowed with cameras, only phones (seriously!)