Black & Chic

I'm always looking for a good sale. It's not that I mind buying things full-price but shopping is so much more fun when you can find a good steal. It's like a challenge! ha.

This off-the-shoulder blazer from Nordstrom was 40 percent off if I recall. Although off-the-shoulder is considered a 'trend,' it's one that I've been wearing for years before it came back in style. And I'm sure I'll continue to rock it after it goes 'out of style.' Why? I'm not crazy about much of my body but I do LOVE my shoulders lol. It's silly but I get compliments on my shoulder structure/bones (is that a thing)?

My mother says black is not my color but yes mom, it is.


The off-the-shoulder Blazer is by Trouve. Find HERE.

My zipper Michael Jackson pants are from ZARA. I bought them a few years back and they're still the best.


Sunnies are D&G. Shoes are Steve Madden.