Camel Coat

So my mission this winter was to find a camel coat. There was one I really liked at Zara but it sold out. So I went on a quest to find the next best thing.

I remember last year, after Christmas, Macy's had all their coats on sale. It's where I got my puffer coat for a really great price. So this year, I went back to Macy's to see if I could find a camel coat. 


I was overwhelmed in the coat section! After trying on like ten coats, I spotted this pretty little number.

It's heavy enough to wear in really cold temperatures but not at all bulky. I always feel chic in it. I can dress it up or wear it casual to work.

This DKNY coat has one button and a tie waist. 


This beige-ish dress is from Zara. It's pretty thick and only cost like $20 or something. It was on repeat but then it got cold out side :(

Shoes are from ALDO.