Love for Target

So I ran into Target the other day to get milk and bacon. Gary and I were going to make breakfast and I stopped there on the way back from Barry's BootCamp. Well...when I arrived I texted Gary only to find out he had already gone to the store and picked up what we needed while I was working out. So I was in Target with no mission - which is dangerous ha. 

I saw this sheer top that I've seen in online ads targeted specifically to me on Facebook. It's so weird how the internet knows what we like. Anyway - the marketing worked. I didn't like the top enough to ORDER it online but when I was in the store and it was in front of me - of course I'm going to get it! haha

I have been wanting a white skirt this summer but I wasn't actively looking. This skirt is awesome because there's some stretch! YES. 

The top was like $22 which is already pretty good but online it was $16! So the store price matched it for me (win). The skirt was like $24 maybe? 


I wore the outfit to my sister's dinner celebration. It was so hot and humid but the shirt was perfect because it was SHEER.


My slingback heels are from Express