Our trip to California was so, so fun. We had to fit everything we wanted to do into 4 and a half days. We started in Los Angeles, then visited Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach and Venice before taking off to San Francisco.


San Francisco was not the beau's fav. It was a cute city but you can't help but feel for all of homeless people you see. I had no idea San Francisco had such a big homeless population. It had us talking about what could/should be done to help them. 

The weekend we were there, it was unseasonably hot with record-breaking heat. Our boutique San Fran hotel didn't have a/c!! So there was that.

We did some shopping and walked around a bit. People said to me before I went, 'You either love San Francisco or you hate it.' Well, I didn't LOVE it or HATE it. I'm glad I was able to experience it but I probably won't be back.

San Fran in the morning. Crazy morning colors! Very cool.

San Fran in the morning. Crazy morning colors! Very cool.

Sonoma is where I'd like to go every weekend for a glass of vino. Too bad it's on the other side of the country. It was so beautiful. It exceeded both of our expectations. We went to three wineries and had so much fun tasting, taking pics and learning about wine! The scenery was out of a movie.