A few weeks ago, I took two days off of work to get away. It was a toss up between 30A and Asheville. Unfortunately the forecast for the beach showed rain the entire time…so we went north to Asheville. (I think it’s north).

The drive was pretty - not as magical as some blogs made it out to be. It may be a more scenic drive in the fall with the leaves changing colors.

We stopped at Tallulah Falls on the way. It was a quick stop to to check out the views. Very pretty.


We made it to Asheville in just three hours. We stayed about a mile away from downtown center and our hotel had a shuttle that would take us back and forth…very convenient!

We did everything you’re supposed to do - went to a few breweries, checked out the local shops, had some good, local food.

We went to the Biltmore! It took about an hour and half to get through the house and we were so hot afterward. We checked out the winery on site, had a few samples and headed back to the hotel. I really loved this day.


We discovered our love of Sunshine Sammies, thanks to a dear friend who recommended. We tried another local ice cream parlor and truly had THEE best brunch ever.

Can’t remember what the Brewery was called but this was AMAZING

Can’t remember what the Brewery was called but this was AMAZING


Asheville was fun and I would recommend for a quick weekend trip. You could even do an overnight trip! It’s very close to Atlanta and there’s plenty to do.