It’s my birthday!  28 years young on this Tuesday. I’ve actually been dreading this day. Like many, I have a love/hate relationship with getting older. There’s no turning back lol. But today has been nice (so far). As you get older, the pressure to do something major, or celebrate big lessens. (Unless of course, you have a milestone birthday, turning 30 or 50 or something.) But 28, meh. I don’t even have the energy to do anything (besides eat.) You find yourself thankful for little things. With that said, I did splurge on a new bag. I figure the 28-year-old me deserves something nice. It’s crazy to think we are already five months in to 2016. I feel like just yesterday, it was New Year’s Eve! I guess that’s another sign I’m getting older, the time is flying. So…with a little more than 7 months left in the year, I have some plans - some big, some small. I hope I can get the ball rolling. Some plans require sacrifice and patience…things I quite frankly just don’t enjoy.