And if the elevator tries to bring you down....

What a tough day for so many people, myself included. I grew up listening to Prince. He was on repeat at our house, mostly because my dad was obsessed with him. He made sure to let us know time and time again that Prince wrote, played, produced all of his music. He was a musical genius. So I grew up listening to all of his stuff…not just the popular stuff on the radio…but so many other tracks which were often (in my humble opinion) better than the singles released.


A childhood friend wrote this on my Facebook wall….

“Prince will always remind me of your family. Singing into the vacuum cleaner. Laughing to P.contol lol good time!!”

(note: listening to P control as kids was wildly inappropriate)

I find it so odd that Prince passed away today for a few reasons. He played in Atlanta last week. The tickets went on sale two weeks ago (to everyone’s surprise.) Of course, when I got around to looking up tickets online, there were none left. Take that back, I think there was an $800 ticket left on Ticketmaster. I checked Craigslist and people were selling one or two tickets at $400 a pop. “Not paying that,” I thought. But now (of course) I’m so upset I didn’t go to his very last show.

I have a long commute home, about an hour. So I listen to CDs, podcasts, etc…

Yesterday while driving, all I wanted to hear was a Prince song called “Style.” It’s one of my favorite songs of his. I listened to it over and over in high school. If you know anything about Prince, you know that he’s very strict with his music/material. You won’t find much, if anything, on YouTube or elsewhere online. While driving, I even checked the iTunes store to see if that one song was there to purchase. Nope. (We have the CD with Style, ‘Emancipation,’ somewhere at home. But who knows where)

So I ended up buying Emancipation again (Wednesday). Just because I wanted to hear the song so badly. It will come in the mail soon, yay.

I’m so glad I didn’t find out about Prince’s death online or from someone dumb. Instead, my dad texted me. Prince’s #1 fan let me know.  I was in a store at the time so I wasn’t online or in the car listening to the radio.

These series of (little) events taught me a few things.

1. Buy/Do what you want. Who knows how long you’ve got on this earth. Seem like a foolish idea? Maybe – but I’m not a financial expert so I don’t care. Had I known Atlanta would be the last place Prince would play, I wouldn’t have thought twice about buying tickets.

2. Life is short. Nothing saves you in the end. Not money, not fame. To borrow a line from Prince’s song ‘Money don’t matter 2nite,’ "That's when you find out that you're better off makin sure your souls alright...cause money didn’t matter yesterday and it sure don’t matter tonight."

Things that pissed me off today:

1. Having to go BACK to work after hearing the news (I was on my lunch break)

2. People posting pictures that weren't of Prince on Instagram

3. Thinking about today's music 'artists.' What a bunch of crap we're left with

'Cause in this life,things are much harder than in the afterworld....'