This week has been uneventful (so far). I'm not sure whether that's a good or bad thing. So I thought I would share some things that are trending this week.

+The death of former New Orleans Saint Will Smith has been on my mind. What a crazy story/tragedy. Smith, who was just 34, was shot eight times, seven in the back. His beautiful wife was also shot twice, but survived. It makes you think twice about road rage. I covered a similar story when I was in Phoenix. A woman rear-ended an exchange student...then got out of the car and shot and killed her. Pathetic. You can see the story here

+Switching gears - I had a minor, minor cameo on John Oliver's show. In case you didn't know, Alabama's governor is in the midst of a gross sex scandal. Check me out at 18 seconds grabbing a mic off the table. Basically #famous

+Disturbing video from Montgomery, Alabama - now going viral. A man, angry that a black woman jumped in front of him in the ATM line (because he was sitting in his car) spews a whole lotta racist hatred toward her. The bank is aware and may be closing his account. Check out the video here

+Did you know you can buy a gold donut? It'll cost you $100 a pop. But look how pretty

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