I've been "out the biz" for a few months now. The break I am taking has been so good for me mentally. News is VERY demanding. And in my biased opinion, being a reporter is the hardest job in the newsroom.

People are always asking me why I left TV. First, let me say - I don't think it is a permanent leave. There are many reasons for the break - but my reasons may not resonate with those who have never worked in the industry.

I love reporting (most days). I love meeting new people. I love that it's not a desk job. I love that I can go somewhere new every single day. I love having connections in high places. Those are all very cool aspects of the job. But for all the pros - there are many cons. Most days, it's not glamorous. You're going to horrible crime scenes, working outside in the cold/heat, working every holiday, stressed beyond belief everyday as you try to meet deadline after deadline. Say goodbye to lunch breaks and in most cases, a healthy social life. It's truly a job where you need a STIFF drink after you clock out for the day.

A young meteorologist, 27-years-old, recently took his life. I'm not sure if we'll ever know WHY he did it. But a piece of his life story is going viral.

I encourage you to read it HERE