5 Atlantans who are Rockin' It

And I'm one of them! How neat. 

A beautiful couple from Philly has chosen Atlanta to be the home of their newest jewelry store.


The couple already owns a jewelry store in Philadelphia. Their new boutique, Atlanta Diamond Co. in Monarch Tower will be by appointment only. I looked at some of what they have to offer and WOW - gorgeous! But what's not pretty about a diamond?

So pretty!

So pretty!


At the store opening, I was recognized as one of five 'Atlantans who are Rockin' It." What a special award! I was in good company too. Shaye Strager, who is Atlanta's favorite stylist was also recognized, as well as other entrepreneurs and movers and shakers.

How stunning is this plaque? LOVE it

How stunning is this plaque? LOVE it


My dress - 

I wore it to work the same day so it can go from day to night! It's Michael Kors and it's on sale. I also bought in red.

Hello, World!