All things Black Panther

I have to start this post by admitting that I haven't seen the entire movie yet. I've seen bits and pieces. I'll explain.

I've been covering stories about Marvel's Black Panther for a few weeks. The excitement surrounding the movie is like nothing I've ever witnessed before. Everyone who knows me will tell you I'm not into action flicks - at all. I pass on all things Marvel. But this one, obviously, is different. 

Last month, I found out a local organization was planning to take 700 students to see Black Panther. It was raising money to send the students for free! How cool is that? You can watch the story HERE


You'll notice - I was at the Fox Theatre for that live shot. That's because Atlanta hosted one (of several) Black Panther private screenings there. 

big boi.JPG

I was able to interview Big Boi of Outkast, Kim Fields, and my favorite, the Vice President of Marvel Production (Put me in a movie please?)

You can watch that HERE

Last week, I went to Dekalb County's Movie Tavern with the 700 students to watch them watch Black Panther. Get that? It was SUCH an experience. The Phoenix Leadership Foundation really knocked it out of the park. They created an entire experience for the students with live music, free food, all things Africa. It was awesome. I was in and out of the theater so although I saw some scenes, I did not see everything. I can't wait to go back and see the whole thing! Check out the story HERE


Finally, I did a story with my sweet friend Alexandra of F&W Style. She is a local designer, as is her mother. The two design clothes and purses that are African-inspired and in many cases, made in Africa. I interviewed her about the impact the movie is having on their brands. That story HERE