Heya Hiya

Hey there - finally got around to doing an OOTD. Haven't done one lately because a.) I haven't put on makeup all week and b.) I've felt like shamu. I've been slacking big time with my workouts this week and eating whatever makes connection with my eyes. Also - topped it off last night with an order of cheesy bread and wings at 10pm. All that to say - I'm going to be doing no bread for the 1948582 time. Today was good. I had no bread today. We'll see how long this lasts...

My new little crossbody: Marc by Marc Jacobs. I got this at my fav, Nordstrom Rack but it's all over the interwebs. Find it here


This jumpsuit/romper is from good old Forever 21. It's a bit too low cut but it works. Also - it was $35.00, which at Forever 21 might as well be $100.

Necklace - also from Forever 21 with a price tag of like $4.00 (much better)

And last but not least, my favorite shoes as of late. Major head turners (from women) who all want them and are jealous that they don't have them. I got them from Neiman Marcus Last Call. They are Schutz and can be found here. They are sold out a lot of places soooo just google Shutz Brasiliana. Also, they are detachable and can be worn shorter.