Denim Daze

Sitting here watching the late-night news smiling that I'm not out in the dark/cold/elements reporting. Such a NICE, MUCH-NEEDED break.

Hey hey yall! Gotta tell ya, that no-bread thing lasted until Wednesday. That's when my co-workers ordered Jersey Mike's subs...because they were donating ALL proceeds to charity that day. So couldn't say no to that. You can read more about it here.

Anyway, I've been eyeing this denim jumper from Free People for a few weeks. So I finally caved. The good - it's a cute/easy outfit to just throw on for whatever. The bad - going to the bathroom sucks. Basically have to take the whole thing off. Get it here

These shoes are from Fabrik - I got them last year, actually WON them in an instagram giveaway.

And hat from GAP, which I never go in but glad I did. I always feel like hats are way too small for my head. So when I find one that fits normal - I buy it. Hats are my thing. Good hair day - Hat. Bad hair day - Hat. Get this one here

And while you're here - let me know what you think of this new #flatform thing. I'm not that into it. Examples...

But I think I kinda love these below. Thoughts? They may end up in my closet soon