I've been much too lazy to dress up for the blog lately. Honestly, I don't know how people do it. It's exhausting lol. I'm excited about a few new pieces I've acquired lately though! We'll see when I get around to blogging about it...

For now, I thought it would be cool to show what I'm into right now. Enjoy!

Neck candy

I think I blogged about chokers a few weeks back. Still into em. And a few weeks ago, I bought the cutest bandana/scarf to wear around my neck. I have bandanas galore at home (for hair purposes) but I wanted a fresh, softer one. I ended up getting one from Nordstrom. Brand: Madewell. It was about $12.00 but if you don't feel like spending that, your local beauty supply store has them for like a dollar.

Check it out here

Up next - dark lips.

Even though it's spring, and on the heels of summer - I'm still rockin dark lips. Quite a change from a few years back when I was into light pinks. (I don't know how many times I bought MAC's 'Girl About Town') But lately I like deep, deep purples. Sephora's Rouge Cream Lipstick in Bewitch Me 24 - Deepest Cool Grape and R62 Private Boudoir are favs. The lipstick isn't dry and it's long lasting.


3. Statement Shoes (Most of which, I can't afford)

I love statement shoes right now. Sophia Webster, Gucci, Aquazzura are killin' it in this arena

And last but not least...shredded jeans! Ripped jeans have been 'in' for a while but lately, I've been into really ripped jeans.

These Rag & Bone jeans are perfection.