Happy Monday. Actually, today is a very sleepy Monday for me. My inner alarm clock woke me up MUCH too early and I paid for it all day

This weekend, however, was beautiful. Not just in terms of restfulness, but all around. 

I have lovedddd off-the-shoulder tops for years. I've actually always liked my collarbones (random) naturally this trend + me = besties.

I got this one from LOFT. I believe it was $54 but on top of that, the entire store was 30% off. Score. You can find this top here

I paired my easy breezy shirt with my zara ripped jeans. Also found at a great price - $50

I don't know about you, but finding light colored boyfriend jeans that actually look good ON was very hard. I find that most of them make me look wide and stumpy. I'm all of 5'4 so I don't need any help looking shorter/wider. These jeans are great. Though they do make me look a bit short. See these jeans and other zara jeans here

Shoes: these are Marc Fisher wedges. It was a pain in the butt to actually find them when I bought them last month. They were sold out ev-ah-ry-where. Though I've since learned that they are being restocked on the Marc Fisher website. I bought mine from a boutique in John's Creek. But if you're lucky, you can find them online. Search Marc Fisher Adalyn.

 They are very comfy and not too tall. But they're suede and I already got mine dirty :(